Core courses cover essentials in nonprofit leadership, fundraising, communication strategies, and nonprofit ethics and governance. The program provides a balance of academic principles and real-world experience, as well as a fundamental understanding of how nonprofit organizations participate in building communities. Electives allow students to explore interests in entrepreneurship, politics, the arts, healthcare, social work, and more.

Courses are offered on campus and online, allowing distance and online students the opportunity to earn the certificate.

Certificate Curriculum — 21 semester hours (s.h.)

The following courses are required:

  • MGMT:3500 Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness I (3 s.h.)
  • JMC:3710 Fundraising Fundamentals (3 s.h.)
  • MGMT:4600 Nonprofit Ethics and Governance (3 s.h.)
  • JMC:3700 Nonprofit Internship (3 s.h.)

Students must take at least one of these courses (3 s.h.) but can take both for a total of (6 s.h.), in which case one will count as an elective:

  • JMC:3720 Nonprofit Communication (3 s.h.)
  • MGMT:3600 Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness II (3 s.h.)

The remainder of the 21 s.h. must be fulfilled by electives from this list:

  • COMM:1819 Organizational Leadership
  • CW:4745 The Sentence: Strategies for Writing
  • DPA:3510 Introduction to Arts Management
  • EALL:4130 Introduction to Grant Writing
  • ENTR:2000 Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • ENTR:3350 Entrepreneurial Strategy
  • ENTR:3500 Social Entrepreneurship
  • EVNT:3154 Foundations of Event Management
  • EVNT:3260 Event Planning Workshop
  • GHS:4002 Working in Global Health
  • JMC:3142 Social Media for Social Change
  • JMC:3530 Social Media Marketing
  • MUSM:3001 Intro to Museum Studies


Course Substitution

Students are welcome to substitute courses within the NLP certificate but should discuss with their certificate advisor to do so. We strive to meet students' needs and set them up for success! 

Course Substitution Instructions